About Meal Kit Comparison

We started Meal Kit Comparison because we realized that despite the wealth of options available, it is hard to find good quality meal kits – especially if you have dietary restrictions or live outside a major US city.

So our founder, Natalia, began testing them back in 2018. Now, we are a full team of meal kit lovers, and we’ve tried and tested over 70 meal kit delivery services.

Our philosophy is to rate kits based on their overall experience. This means more than just their taste; we consider convenience, cost, service level, variety, ingredients, dietary requirements, and more. We highlight what makes each kit unique and are honest if there isn’t anything.

We hope you love the thought we put into our site, and most importantly, find the meal kit for you. You can search meal kits based on location or browse our reviews. Or if you want to learn more about meal kits, visit our blog with in-depth comparisons, decision guides, and more.

How We Operate

Meal Kit Comparison is not owned or operated by any meal kit company. All of our opinions and reviews are 100% our own, written from the perspective of the customer. Some links within the website are affiliate links, meaning we may earn a commission for purchases made through the link.

About Natalia

I’m Natalia, the founder and Head Writer of Meal Kit Comparison. I’m a mother, writer, dance teacher, and Airbnb host living in Vancouver, B.C with my school-aged daughter. I love food and I am fairly health-conscious, but far too busy to cook. It takes too much time for me to pick what I want to eat every night, do weekly grocery shopping, or spend my whole Sunday meal prepping for the week.

Thank goodness for meal kits! Ever since I tried my first meal kit, I’ve been hooked. I get the benefits of having a home-cooked meal with fresh, high-quality ingredients without the hassle of grocery shopping every week so my produce doesn’t go bad by week two.

I love to cook meal kits with my daughter because of how easy to follow the recipes are. It’s a great way for me to share time with her while teaching her a valuable life skill. Every time we cook together, she is more excited to eat the food because it’s a product of our hard work and love!

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