Best Halal Meal Delivery Services in Toronto

Toronto, a colorful multinational hub, is known for its distinct food scene. Among the many gastronomic options, halal food has been expanding in popularity. Whether you’re a food buff or simply looking to explore new flavors, halal meals offer a delicious food experience. 

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the world of halal food, including what halal means, how it’s prepared, and the certification process. But first, we’ll introduce the best halal meal delivery Toronto:

Halal Meal Delivery Companies in Toronto

We’ve delved deep into the halal meal delivery services in the greater Toronto area and have compiled a list of the best.


If you’re looking for a convenient way to enjoy delicious halal meals delivered to your doorstep in Toronto, look no further than HalalMeals. Their website offers a wide range of delicious, prepared meal dishes, making it easy to satisfy your appetite while remaining halal.

One of the standout features is their wide range of chef-prepared meals. With cost per plate starting at just $10.99, you can enjoy flavorful halal cuisine without breaking the bank. They also offer different meal packages to cater to diverse needs and appetites, whether you’re ordering for yourself or a group.

Their most popular meal delivery plan is the Mix and Match Meal Plan. Delivery costs and schedules are conveniently outlined on their website and depend on your personal order choices. For orders above $30, delivery is free within the Greater Toronto Area.

HalalMeals takes pride in their commitment to sustainability and the environment. They utilize eco-friendly packaging materials to minimize their ecological footprint.


  • Menu changes every two weeks
  • Delivery outside the central Toronto area
  • HMA Certified


  • No vegetarian or vegan options
  • Order online deadline for every week is Monday by midnight


HouseCook is an accessible and delicious halal prepared meal delivery option in Toronto. Their website offers a wide range of mouthwatering halal dishes that are prepared with the utmost care, in order to adhere to halal meal preparation guidelines.

They understand how important costs are to prepared meal delivery, and their cost per plate starts at just $9.99. They offer various meal size options as well. Regular is for 1-2 people, large for 2-3 people and a tray is for 4-5 people.

HouseCook offers free delivery within the Greater Toronto Area for orders above $25. Otherwise, the delivery fee for all locations is only $5.95. They deliver seven days a week, ensuring that you can enjoy their delicious halal meals any day of the week.


  • Affordable delivery
  • Customizable meal sizes
  • Flexible selected delivery day


  • Limited halal selection compared to competitors
  • Minimum order online total of $30

Serving Halal

Serving Halal is a wide-ranging option for prepared meals of various cuisines and all their dishes adhere to halal dietary rules. Their website offers a wide selection of delectable dishes that cater to your halal dining needs while ensuring fresh and flavorful ingredients.

Serving Halal keeps their prices competitive, with their cost per plate starting at just $10.99. They offer various meal options as part of their Mix and Match menu that rotates weekly. You can order online between 6, 7, 10, and 12 single meals and the price is cheapest when you order 12.

The type of cuisines available at Serving Halal is diverse and mouthwatering. Their rotating menu boasts a fusion of international flavors, ranging from authentic Indian and Pakistani dishes to Middle Eastern delicacies. From aromatic biryanis and succulent kebabs to flavorful curries and traditional desserts, you’ll find a wide variety of options to satisfy your cravings.

Serving Halal takes pride in providing efficient and reliable delivery services. Delivery costs are minimal, with a flat fee of $4.99 within the Greater Toronto Area. They offer delivery seven days a week, ensuring that you can enjoy their delicious halal meals any day you desire.


  • Affordable shipping
  • Halal certified ingredients
  • Customizable selected delivery day


  • Not environmentally friendly packaging
  • You save more when you order online more meals per week

Dawat Halal

When it comes to convenient and mouthwatering halal food delivery in Toronto, Dawat Halal has got you covered. They offer a wide range of delectable, prepared dishes that are sourced with care and adhere to halal food laws. Their fresh produce and responsibly sourced ingredients are what set them apart from their competitors.

They are very affordable, their meal subscriptions ranging from every 7 days to 28 days. Their weekly meal plan of 5 meals for $49.99 delivers any weekday and includes the delivery charge. There are also monthly plans featuring 20 meals delivered directly on weekdays with an inclusive delivery fee of $199.99, making the cost under $10 per plate.

Dawat Halal takes pride in providing efficient and reliable delivery services, with a flat fee of $3.99 within the Greater Toronto Area. They offer delivery Monday through Friday, ensuring that you can enjoy their weekly rotating menu of meals. They also have healthy balanced meals that are freshly cooked daily using less refined oil and wholesome ingredients.


  • On-the-go meal options
  • Customizable meal subscriptions like vegetarian
  • Flat rate shipping


  • More expensive to buy meals per day – $9.99 per day
  • Not environmentally friendly packaging

What Does Halal Mean?

Halal is an Arabic term that translates to “permissible” in English. When it comes to food, halal refers to meals that follow Islamic dietary laws. 

These laws define what is permitted and what is prohibited for Muslims to consume. Halal food is planned with great care, guaranteeing that it meets the highest guidelines of cleanness and integrity. 

👉 Halal is to Muslim dietary law as kosher is to Jewish dietary law. Interested in learning more? Check out out our top Kosher meal kit options in Toronto

What Are The Islamic Dietary Restrictions?

Halal dietary guidelines outline what is permissible (halal) and what is forbidden (haram) for Muslims to consume. These limitations are based on Islamic religious laws and are followed by Muslims around the world. 

The key dietary restrictions in Islam include the following:

  • Prohibition of pork: Muslims are not allowed to consume pork or any pork by-products.
  • Prohibition of alcohol: The consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden in Islam.
  • Prohibition of intoxicants: Any substance that causes intoxication or alters the mind is prohibited. This includes recreational drugs and substances.
  • Prohibition of carnivorous animals: Muslims are prohibited from consuming carnivorous animals that have fangs or claws.
  • Prohibition of blood and blood products: The consumption of blood or blood-derived products is forbidden. Meat must be properly drained of blood before it can be considered halal.
  • Prohibition of meat from improper slaughter: Muslims are not allowed to consume meat from animals that have not been slaughtered according to Islamic guidelines. The animal must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter, and the throat must be swiftly and humanely cut by a skilled individual while reciting the name of Allah.
  • Prohibition of cross-contamination: Halal food should not come into contact with any haram substances during preparation, cooking, or serving. This includes avoiding the use of utensils, cooking surfaces, or oils that have been contaminated with haram ingredients.

Halal Monitoring Authority

To guarantee the authenticity of halal food, certification plays a vital role. In Toronto, the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA) is one of the most reputable certifying bodies. They meticulously inspect restaurants, suppliers, and manufacturers to ensure they meet strict halal standards. 

HMA certification provides consumers with the confidence that the food they are enjoying is prepared according to Islamic dietary laws.

How Is Halal Food Prepped?

One of the key phases of halal food preparation is the method of slaughter. Hand-slaughtered and machine-slaughtered methods are commonly used. The hand-slaughtered method involves a skilled individual who performs the slaughter, reciting a prayer and ensuring the animal’s well-being. 

This method is preferred by many due to its thorough nature. On the other hand, machine-slaughtered food follows a similar process, but with a mechanical device executing the slaughter under strict supervision.

What Meals Are Halal?

Halal meals are those that adhere to Islamic dietary laws, requiring allowed selections for Muslims to eat. The concept of halal expands beyond specific ingredients and involves the entire process of food preparation. 

Halal meals involve a wide variety of cuisines, including Middle Eastern, South Asian, Mediterranean, Pakistani, and more. From flavorful curries and kebabs to aromatic rice dishes and delightful desserts, halal meals offer a varied selection of options for those seeking to enjoy delicious meals and approved halal cuisine.

Halal – Try It All!

These prepared halal meals offer an enjoyable and diverse culinary experience that observes Islamic dietary laws. Whether you’re a Muslim looking for convenient, permitted dining options or an adventurous food lover, discovering the world of halal cuisine is a journey worth taking. 

With the growing popularity of directly delivered halal meals, such as those offered by the companies we’ve covered on our list, enjoying delicious halal meals has never been easier!

From affordable prices and customizable recipes to a wide range of cuisines, these halal food delivery options cater to various tastes and preferences. So, why wait? Visit their websites today, explore their menus, and start savoring the convenience of flavorful, halal meals delivered straight to your doorstep.

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