Best Kosher Meal Delivery Services in Toronto

Are you a food lover in Toronto looking for convenient and delicious kosher meal options? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore four top-notch kosher meal delivery services in Toronto that cater to your dietary needs. 

From mouthwatering traditional dishes to innovative culinary creations, let’s dive into this culinary journey and discover the best kosher meal delivery services in the vibrant city of Toronto.

What Are Kosher Meals?

Kosher food refers to dishes that adhere to Jewish dietary regulations. These guidelines cover everything from the ingredient sourcing to the food handling and preparation. These guidelines determine which ingredients are permissible, proper separation of meat and dairy, and the specific rituals involved in maintaining a kosher status.

What’s the difference between a kosher meal and a regular meal?

When it comes to the difference between a kosher meal and a regular meal, there are several key distinctions that make kosher food stand out. Ingredients used, such as meat and dairy products, must come from certified kosher sources. Additionally, the preparation and cooking processes must follow strict guidelines

How Kosher Food Is Prepared and Certified

In Toronto, kosher meals undergo a meticulous process to ensure their authenticity. They’re prepared according to guidelines set by the Kashruth Council, an esteemed organization dedicated to certifying kosher establishments. This attention to detail brings a sense of trust and confidence, especially for Toronto’s vibrant Jewish community. So, when you have a certified kosher meal delivered to your doorstep, rest assured that it has undergone a rigorous process to cater to your religious and dietary needs.

Why are kosher meals sealed?

Sealing kosher meals serves multiple purposes. First, it ensures that the meal remains uncontaminated during delivery, maintaining its certified kosher status. Second, it guarantees freshness and prevents tampering, providing peace of mind when ordering kosher food in Toronto. This extra layer of protection is a testament to the dedication of the Kashruth Council and the commitment to serving Toronto’s Jewish community with top-notch kosher delivery. 

4 Kosher Delivery Options in Toronto

Now that we’ve elaborated on the specifics of kosher meals and their certification, here are the top 4 delivery services available in Toronto.

Kosher Gourmet

Kosher Gourmet is a Kosher delivery service that also features in-store shopping options, including groceries, catering, and take-out. They make convenience a high priority and are certified by the Kashruth Council as 100% Kosher. With their focus on customer convenience, they are one of the top Kosher delivery, grocery, and catering services in Toronto.

Costs and Portions

Kosher Gourmet provides dinner packages for every day of the week and Shabbos meal packages for two, ranging anywhere from $85 to $115. Portions are generous, feeding 4-6 people and are delivered in foil pans, assuring temperature control. They also have a set menu for everyday of the week, offering no substitutions, but allowing the customer to choose between various meats and sides.

They also offer options like sushi, wraps, and fresh take-out options that start at $5.99. With in-store purchasing options and delivery, you can choose many different groceries such as canned goods, drinks, dry goods, refrigerated items, snacks, and even sauces and spices.

Shipping costs vary on where you live in Toronto but range from $10 to $35. There is free delivery up and down the Bathhurst Street corridor with a minimum purchase of $150. Curb-side pickup is always free and convenient.


  • In-store shopping and fresh take-out options
  • Free delivery on certain sized orders and free pickup
  • Generous portions


  • No substitutions on weekly meals
  • Larger portions on weekly meals that doesn’t cater to single or smaller parties

Kosher Box

Kosher Box is an exceptional prepared meal delivery service that brings the flavors of kosher food right to your doorstep in Toronto. Their website offers a delightful assortment of chef-prepared, ready-to-eat, certified kosher meals.

Kosher Box meals are under the strict Glatt Kosher Certification/Hashgacha of the COR (Kashruth Council of Canada). All their other products and items are individually certified by reputable Haschgachas accepted by the CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council) list.

Costs and Portions

Kosher Box provides excellent value with prices per plate starting at $14.99. Each meal is individually packaged and portioned and you can choose multiple servings and recipes a la carte for monthly or individual delivery.

Kosher Box offers free delivery for orders over $100, delivering throughout the Greater Toronto Area. You can pre-plan your deliveries at checkout according to your schedule. Kosher Box also provides their legendary Shabbat Box, which includes everything you need for your Sunday gatherings including a Kiddush cup, candles, and candle blessing card. 


  • Wide selection of chef-prepared kosher gourmet meals
  • Various serving sizes available via a la carte
  • Legendary Shabbat Box


  • Limited information available on specific sustainability initiatives


Ely’s is an outstanding prepared meal delivery service, specializing in kosher food delivery in Toronto. Ely’s offers a delightful array of chef-crafted meals that cater to kosher culinary practices and packaging.

Ely’s is kosher certified by the COR, and their ingredients are reviewed by the COR’s rabbinic inspectors to meet their high standards.

Cost and Portions

Cost per plate at Ely’s varies depending on the selected meal, with prices ranging from $14.99 to $19.99. Their variety of ready-made meals are affordable and portions are generous, ranging from main dishes like Healthy Pre-made Kosher Meals, event catering, Shiva meals, and passover catering. Ely’s offers free delivery within Toronto for orders over $75, with flexible options for both same-day and next-day delivery.

For over 25 years, Ely’s has been serving the Toronto Jewish community with their take out retail location as well as their catering service and wholesale packaged foods that are 100% certified Kosher. Focusing on locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, they truly treat their customers like one of the family.


  • Wide selection of chef-crafted kosher meals
  • Flexible delivery options and free delivery for orders over $75


  • Cost per plate may be higher compared to other kosher meal delivery services


Mitzuyan is a meal delivery service that brings you the finest catered kosher food in Toronto with a global influence. Their website showcases their commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences and customer service. Mitzuyan Kosher Catering was also named one of BlogTOs Top 50 Toronto Catering Companies.

Cost and Portions

Cost per plate at Mitzuyan varies based on the chosen menu options, with prices tailored to family meals and freshly made heat-and-serve options. Family meals range anywhere from $160 to $290, feeding 4 people per recipe. They also offer 9 different menu options for these specific family meals.

Mitzuyan provides reliable delivery services with reasonable costs, with minimum $100 orders. Deliveries over $200 are delivered Friday free of charge and orders over $250 are delivered free of charge throughout the GTA. They have a flexible delivery schedule, accommodating various time preferences to ensure timely and convenient delivery of your freshly made order. 


  • Freshly prepared and catered kosher meals
  • Sides and desserts can be purchased separately
  • Reliable delivery services with a flexible schedule for convenience


  • Minimum order of $100.00
  • Minimum serving sizes of 4 meals

Be Kosher-Conscious in Toronto

With a variety of options available from reputable services, Toronto residents can indulge in chef-crafted, certified-kosher meals delivered right to their doorstep. From affordable pricing per plate and flexible serving sizes to reliable delivery schedules, these services cater to individual needs and preferences.

So, whether you’re craving vegetables, kosher-friendly meats and cheeses, or other kosher snacks and delights, explore the world of kosher meal delivery and elevate your culinary experience in Toronto.

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