The Best Vegan Meal Kit Delivery Services In Toronto

Toronto is fortunate to have so many amazing vegan meal prep and meal kit companies. We’ve compiled a list of our top vegan meal kit delivery services in Toronto, based on meal variety, delivery options, reviews, packaging, and more.

Our top-rated vegan delivery services in Toronto (in no particular order) are:

  1. Savor Living – best for the environmentally-conscious
  2. Plant Prepper – best for those who enjoy soy-free meal options
  3. LiveFit Foods – best for those with varied schedules
  4. Power Kitchen – best for those who like to know exactly when their package will arrive
  5. Fresh City Farms – best for those who prefer a set menu
  6. Sorry I’ve Got Plants – best for those who want quick cook-times

Details below.

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Savor Living

Savor Living’s Roasted Cauliflower Steak served with chimichurri sauce, fresh parsley, and a beautiful rice medley.

Savor Living is a 100% vegan meal prep delivery service catering to customers in Toronto and the GTA. They offer meal plans or À la carte menus, which change weekly and include a variety of breakfasts, desserts, appetizers, entrées, and even cold-pressed juices.


Savor Living has put a lot of thought and effort into their packaging. They use compostable boxes and reusable containers, which you can return with your next order. Plus, their containers are also freezer-safe.

Plans & Pricing

Meal plans are available in 3 sizes:

  • Single – $105
  • Double – $190
  • Family sizes – $215

While Savor Living is unable to offer ingredient substitutions or eliminations, most of the meals are gluten-free and soy-free options are also available.

Their vegan meal plans are based on a weekly subscription and offer a rotating menu. Subscription meal plan members receive 20% off their first 4 orders and 10% on all remaining orders, and you are able to pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

Does Savor Living Have Gluten-Free or Soy-Free Options?

Many of their dishes are gluten and soy-free however their food is processed in a location that uses gluten, soy, and nuts so there is the risk of cross-contamination. 

If you don’t have an allergy but wish to reduce your soy consumption, they offer the option to replace any soy protein with beans for no additional charge.

How Long Does It Take To Cook And Prep?

Everything from this company comes ready to eat! The only thing you will ever have to operate in your kitchen is a microwave or oven.


Savor Foods offers both pick-up and delivery options for Toronto and the GTA.

Pick up is available between 1-3pm in Oakville at Unit 14, 427 Speers Road.

For delivery, orders going to Oakville, Toronto, Burlington, Etobicoke, Milton, Mississauga, and Hamilton can be expected between 1pm-5pm, while those going to North York and Scarborough are between 5pm-8pm.

Delivery is free on orders over $85 and a flat $10 for orders under $85.

Who Is This Meal Kit Best For?

Savor Living’s vegan meal kit offers three separate that can accommodate any fast pace lifestyle. These plans consist of the single plan, double it-up plan, and family plan.

The single plan comes with 5 fully prepared and ready-to-eat dishes with the option to add additional breakfast chia pudding, a quick sandwich for lunch, or a hearty dinner soup. 

The double-it-up plan comes with, as you may have guessed, double the portions.

The family plan comes with 4 family-sized entrées, which are 3x the size of a single portion! It also includes 2 sandwiches or wraps, a 30oz homemade soup, and a 16oz chia pudding. 

Savor Living Pros and Cons


  • Every meal is made ready-to-eat 
  • Organic with no preservatives
  • Customizable catering options 


  • You’re required to pay for 2 orders before you’re able to cancel
  • Difficult to skip a week
  • Required to give back Savor bags in order to get your next order

Plant Prepped

Plant Prep’s Thai Brussels Sprout Tacos with peanut sauce

Plant Prepped is a Canada-wide, plant-based meal kit delivery service. They offer fresh, pre-measured ingredients with seasonal recipes, which rotate weekly and include gluten-free and soy-free options.

Each delivery includes 3 delicious dinners, with minimal food waste and cook times ranging from 25-40 minutes.


Most of their packaging is either recyclable or reusable, and their bottles are BPA, BHT, latex, sulfur, silicone-free.

Plans & Pricing

Plant Prepped offers two meal plan options: 2-person and 4-person plans.

  • 2-person plan for $72.99 / $12.16 per serving
  • 4-person plan for $139.99 / $11.66 per serving

Does Plant Prepped Have Gluten-Free Or Soy-Free Options?

This vegan meal delivery service offers both gluten-free and soy-free options however, there is the potential for cross-contamination at their facilities. 

All of their soy products are 100% organic. Their tofu comes from La Soyarie and their tempeh comes from Noble bean, both of which are local companies in Montreal.  

How Long Does It Take To Cook And Prep?

For most of their meals, it takes 25-40 minutes all in. We’d like to note that while each recipe card states a time, it does take longer if you’re new in the kitchen. 

However, a seasoned vegetable-chopping veteran would have no problem staying within these time limits!


While delivery is limited to Tuesdays, it is always free. The weekly subscription model allows you the flexibility to pause, skip a week, or cancel at any time before 11:00pm EST on the Monday prior to the week of your next scheduled delivery.

Who Is This Meal Kit Best For?

Plant Prepped offers a 2-person and 4-person plan making it perfect for busy families and couples looking to reduce the time they spend on meal planning.

Both options come with 3 recipes each but the portions are adjusted to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy some nutritious meals. 

Plant Prepped Pros and Cons


  • Organic, nutritious food from local farms in Montreal
  • Delivery is always free
  • Each of their boxes is well insulated to ensure your food lasts the whole day


  • Difficult to use their ordering service
  • There are no options for single people 
  • The cost per plate is quite high:
    • $13.50 per plate for the 2 person plan
    • $12.05 per plate for the 4 person plan

LiveFit Food Meal Delivery Service

livefot foods vegan steak
LiveFit Food’s Miso Portobello Steak

Based out of London, ON, LiveFit Food offers meal prep services for vegans. Choose from a seasonally rotating menu of lunch and dinner items.


Their meals come in freezable containers to ensure the food is protected from freezer burn for up to 90 days. LiveFit Food containers are also oven- and microwave-safe and BPA-free. However, their packaging is not currently recyclable in Toronto.

Plans & Pricing

LiveFit Foods’ vegan meals range from $8-$12 a plate and can include veggie chicken, veggie beef, veggie ground beef, tofu, veggies, and carbohydrates like rice, yams, butternut ravioli, quinoa, and more.

Customers select individual vegan meals and orders must include a minimum of 10 meals or a total of $50 before taxes and discounts. LiveFit does not offer any substitutions or changes to ingredients within their pre-made vegan kits.

LiveFit Foods offers the choice between a one-time order, or a weekly or bi-weekly subscription, which offers a 5% discount. There are no contracts and orders can be paused, edited, or cancelled anytime.

Does LiveFit Have Gluten-Free Or Soy-Free Options?

LiveFit has many gluten-free options as they use lentil or chickpea noodles instead of wheat noodles. On the other hand, while they don’t specifically say whether soy is in any of their meals, many of their stews contain vegetables instead of faux meats. 

This makes LiveFit a great option for gluten-free individuals and people looking to reduce their soy consumption.

How Long Does It Take To Cook And Prep?

It takes no time to cook or meal prep as every portion arrives in a container that’s ready to be microwaved or put in the oven.

This makes LifeFit an excellent option for people who want to eat healthy dishes without sacrificing their time. 


LiveFit Foods offers a number of flexible delivery options throughout the week. Deliveries within Toronto are available Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and you can expect their boxes to arrive before 9pm. Select areas of the GTA have more limited delivery times. For example, deliveries to London are available only on Sundays.

Shipping breakdown:

  • $14.95 shipping on orders $50-$100
  • $7.95 shipping on orders $100-$199
  • FREE shipping on orders over $200

An added bonus: the LiveFit Foods website has a helpful live chat function if you have any questions or concerns.

Visit their site here!

Who Is This Meal Kit Best For?

LiveFit has evolved into an online marketplace instead of strictly a meal delivery service. They allow you to order individual portions making it very convenient and customizable to your particular situation.

In addition to their ready-to-eat meals, they also allow you to add other grocery items and even pet food! Not only will you and your family be happy, but your furry friends will be as well.

LiveFit Pros and Cons


  • All in one platform that allows you to also order groceries and pet food
  • The most extensive menu as they have 15 main courses and 5 deserts!
  • You can get your order within 24 hours if you live in the GTA


  • It can get quite expensive as you order individual portions 
  • Not a fully vegan company as they still serve food with meat and dairy products
  • No strict soy-free options

Power Kitchen

power kitchen vegan burrito
Power Kitchen’s Vegan Burrito

This Toronto-based meal prep delivery company offers a Vegan Meal Box with 8 different lunch and dinner meal combos to choose from, plus breakfast options. When adding meals to your cart, Power Kitchen gives you the option to include any severe allergy information. Their vegan meals also have gluten-free and nut-free options.

Power Kitchen provides freshly made, low-calorie, portion-controlled, prepared vegan meals. Each item is clearly labelled with a detailed breakdown of calories, proteins, carbs, and fats, so you know exactly what you’re consuming.

Their rotating menu changes every week on Monday at 10am and cycles every 8 weeks.


Their packaging is paper-based, so it can be recycled and is even biodegradable. Power Kitchen’s food containers are also oven and microwave safe, and freezer safe for 4-6 weeks.

Plans & Pricing

Their Vegan Meal Box ranges in price from $70 – $188; however, smaller orders can be made from the vegan menu with a minimum order of 3 meals.

Orders can be made as a one-time purchase or as a weekly subscription. Weekly subscribers enjoy 5% off and can pause, resume, or cancel the subscription anytime.

Does Power Kitchen Have Gluten-Free Or Soy-Free Options?

There are two gluten-free options which are the vegan burrito and the vegan kibbeh. Additionally, every time you place an order you have the option to select soy-free and gluten-free foods making it a great option for allergies. 

How Long Does It Take To Cook And Prep?

There is no meal prep time as everything comes pre-cooked in microwavable containers. This makes it a perfect option for health-conscious individuals that want to know exactly what they are eating.


Power Kitchen offers both delivery and pick up options for their vegan meal prep.

Pick up is free and located at the Power Kitchen headquarters: 28 Logan Avenue.

For Sunday orders, the pick up time window is 3:30 pm – 5 pm.

For Wednesday orders, the pick up time window is 4 pm – 6 pm.

Orders must be in by 10am two days prior. Power Kitchen offers a live tracking feature so you can track when their driver is 60 minutes away!

Delivery is a flat $10 fee to over 40 cities in the Greater Toronto Area ranging from Hamilton to Oshawa and up to Newmarket and Caledon.

Who Is This Meal Kit Best For?

Power Kitchen gives you the option of choosing from 4 to 22 meals per week making it a great option for an individual, a couple, or a family.

They offer a customization option on a minimum order of 6 meals making it an even better option for couples and families!

Power Kitchen Pros and Cons


  • Fully customize your meal plan
  • Can choose up to 22 meals per week
  • Choose when your order arrives


  • Not a fully vegan company as they still serve food with meat and dairy products
  • Each portion is $14.75 which is quite expensive
  • They only have 3 vegan protein options 

Fresh City Farms

fresh city farm quinoa salad
Fresh City Farms’ Quinoa Salad

Fresh City Farms offers meal prep delivery in Toronto with local, gluten-free, and nut-free vegan meal options. Their wide selection of meal items include:

  • Breakfasts
  • Entrees
  • Meal jars
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • Soups
  • Sides
  • Smoothies
  • Pies (yes, pies can be meals, too!)

While the menu doesn’t regularly rotate, they do occasionally incorporate seasonal meals. Also, when you shop with Fresh City Farms, you have the option to add a selection of grocery store items like condiments, sauces, herbs, spices, oils, and more to your cart.


Fresh City Farms has a focus on sustainable packaging. They use recyclable cardboard boxes and reusable tote bags, ice packs, and jars, which can be returned to the company for reuse.

Plans & Pricing

Fresh City Farms is an “a-la-carte” service, where a subscription is not required or offered outside of their Produce Bags.

Meal orders need to reach a minimum of $27 before taxes and shipping costs.

If you have any questions, the Fresh City Farms website is equipped with a helpful Live Chat function, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Does Fresh City Farms Have Gluten-Free Or Soy-Free Options?

They have no gluten or soy-free meal options available. However, they do have many different soups, snacks, meat alternatives and produce that are gluten and soy-free. 

How Long Does It Take To Cook And Prep?

It takes no time to cook or meal prep as all of their meals come ready to eat. 


You can choose to have their vegan meals delivered, or you can opt to pick them up. Pick up is available Monday to Friday in Vaughan between 5-6 pm or Richmond Hill between 5-9 pm. Delivery days depend on your postal code. Some postal codes in Toronto only have two or three delivery options, but delivery is generally available 7 days a week.

You can choose a specific delivery time for just $5, but if a specific time is not chosen, you will receive the order anytime between 10am and 9pm and delivery is free!

Who Is This Meal Kit Best For?

This meal-delivery marketplace is perfect for any individual or couple but it’s very good for families. 

Its versatility makes Fresh City Farms best for families. Not only can you order ready-to-eat meals you can also order lifestyle items, fresh produce boxes, snacks and alcoholic beverages. 

Fresh City Farms Pros and Cons


  • Very transparent about all the ingredients in their prepared meals
  • Offer locally sourced meal options
  • All in one platform that allows you to order groceries, snacks, and alcohol 


  • Not a fully vegan company as they still serve food with meat and dairy products
  • Their boxes are not well insulated which can lead to food spoiling quickly
  • Delivery fee of $3.50 with an additional $3.50 for orders with alcohol
  • Product
  • Specification
  • Photos

Fresh City Farms

Per Serving
Based in Toronto, Fresh City Farms was originally an online grocery store offering local and organic products. Recently, they've put those ...
Add to wishlistAdded to wishlistRemoved from wishlist 7
Delivers to:


Dietary Plans Available:

Diary Free, Gluten Free, Organic, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian

Dinners for:

Two (Couple), Four (Family)

Price per Plate

$10 to $15, $5 to $10

Free Shipping?

Yes for order above $30

Intro Deal:



Recycling, Sustainability

HQ Location


Sorry I’ve Got Plants

sorry i've got plants vegan meal kit
Sorry I’ve Got Plants’ Red Curry

Sorry I’ve Got Plants is a pre-prepared vegan meal kit delivery company in Toronto. They are a fully-vegan company and offer gluten-free and nut-free options. Customers can expect recipes to be ready in less than 20 minutes.

Plans & Pricing

Their meal kits can be ordered to fill 2 or 4 plates, which works out to about $10/plate, while their individual mini-meals kits are portioned to serve one. Customers are able to add essential store items like almond butter, avocado oil, and hot sauce to their cart while shopping the Sorry I’ve Got Plants site. While there is a section at checkout to list any allergies, they don’t guarantee modifications.

Does Sorry I Have Plants Have Gluten-Free Or Soy-Free Options?

For every meal, they have a gluten-free alternative but don’t explicitly mention any soy-free options. 


Sorry I Have Plants does what they can to limit unnecessary plastics and packaging but do not demonstrate the same extent of sustainability as others on the list.

How Long Does It Take To Cook And Prep?

Their meal kits have a prep time of around 5-10 minutes and a cooking time of around 10 – 15  minutes.

Their recipes are all well laid out online to make their prep and cooking process extremely efficient!  

They also offer ready-to-eat kits that are perfect for a quick healthy lunch or dinner.


You can choose either pickup or delivery to receive your vegan meals. Pick up is located at 476 Roncesvalles Ave and is available Sunday to Thursday, 12pm – 6pm. For orders over $40, delivery is also available Sunday to Thursday and costs an additional $4 – $8, depending on your location. Customers can expect a text on the morning of a scheduled delivery with an estimated delivery window, and then a text confirming when the delivery is completed.

Who Is This Meal Kit Best For?

They offer an option for 2 portions or 4 portions with the ability to add ready-to-eat bowls. This makes it the ideal meal kit for couples and families! 

Sorry I Have Plants Pros and Cons


  • A wide variety of different vegan food options 
  • Offer both meal kits, ready-to-eat meals, and delicious sauces
  • They put their old meal kit recipes online with instructions and ingredient lists so you can re-create them at home


  • Shipping is not included and costs an additional $4 – $8 based on your location
  • They don’t have any explicit soy-free meals

Just In Case You Had Any More Questions

Is There A Vegan HelloFresh?

HelloFresh does not offer strictly vegan options, but they have a veggie box that is suitable for vegetarians with some dishes being suitable for vegans.

Are There Any Organic Vegan Meal Delivery Services?

There are several organic vegan meal delivery services in Toronto such as Savor Living, Plant Prepped, and Fresh City Farms.

What Meal Kits Have Vegan Options?

HelloFresh and Chefs Plate both offer a vegetarian option which does sometimes include vegan food. However, your best option is to choose a vegan meal delivery service such as Savour Living, Plant Prepped, or Sorry I’ve Got Plants.

What Is The Cheapest Vegan Meal Delivery Option?

The cheapest vegan meal delivery option is Sorry I’ve Got Plants as their cost per plate is around $10 and they offer ready-to-eat meals for $13.

Bon Appétit!

Whether you’re looking for a fully-vegan company, highly sustainable packaging, a rotating menu, free shipping or pick-up options, each of these vegan meal kits are best for different needs. With such flexible order and cancellation policies, you can have fun trying a few meal prep or meal kit companies before deciding on your personal favourite. Happy eating!

Do you already have a favourite vegan meal kit? Did we miss them on our list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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