The 6 Best Keto Meal Kit Delivery Services in Toronto

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“Fat is back. Sugar is out.” That Love Good Fats slogan sums up the keto trend perfectly. The Toronto-based keto-friendly snack bar company is one of many new brands that have popped up since the ketogenic diet became popular among Canadians. According to the Canadian Grocer, “Keto is expected to be a $15-billion business globally by 2027”. Local restaurants like The Pickle Barrel, Jack Astor’s, Burro Burrito, FUEL+, Churrasco, are just five of many eateries that are cashing in by offering keto-friendly options.

While more and more restaurants in the city are updating menus to accommodate this increasingly popular diet, those of us who prefer to eat at home with meal kits need to keep the carbs out too.

We’ve examined countless meal kit menus and discovered some good news and some bad news. The bad news: ready-to-cook keto recipes are nowhere to be found among meal kit delivery services.

There is one company (Goodfood) that offers a low carb meal plan. But, as you know, a low-carb diet is more lenient on carb intake and won’t allow the body to go into ketosis. So while Goodfood doesn’t quite qualify, it’s worth mentioning as it’s the only ready-to-cook delivery service with a low-carb recipe section.

Now for the good news. There are plenty of ready-to-eat meal kit delivery services to choose from.

We’ve rounded up the top 5 meal kit delivery services in Toronto for the keto crowd (and one for the low-carb dieters).

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CompanyIdeal For*Cost Per Week
(including shipping)
*Cost Per Plate 
DroppitKeto beginner & weight loss goals$155$15.50Visit Site
LiveFitFamilies with varying diets$166.95$13.25Visit Site
Fresh FoodieOne stop shop for keto meal and groceries deliveries$116.00$12.50Visit Site
MealFixCustom service$112.00$12.75Visit Site
Power KitchenCalorie counters$95.90$12.50Visit Site
GoodFoodLow Carb Diets$87.00$10.88Visit Site

*Note: The above cost calculations are based on a typical weekly order including 8 servings with the exception of LiveFit that has a minimum of 12 servings in their keto package and Power Kitchen and Droppit with 10 servings.


Droppit comes out on top as the most impressive keto meal kit delivery service. Offering an uber-personalized keto diet plan, Droppit that sets you up for success in six steps:

  • Step 1: New customers share their biometrics (height, weight, age, gender, various body measurements)
  • Step 2: Droppit determines the caloric deficit you need to achieve ketosis based on your biometrics.
  • Step 3: Droppit prepares and delivers meals with the portions, macronutrients and calorie count you need for your particular ketogenic diet.
  • Step 4: After the first week, biometrics are measured once again along with your own observations regarding energy and hunger levels.
  • Step 5: The following week’s meals are adjusted according to the feedback from Week 1.
  • Step 6: Steps 1-5 are repeated until you have achieved your weight loss or body fat goals.

In other words, Droppit customers get a personal keto coach to go with their weekly meals! They even invite customers to ask for guidance from Droppit when considering dining out.

And if that isn’t enough to impress you, they have an app that allows you to track your progress.

The Tradeoff: A premium service comes with a premium price. Although, if you ask me, all of that for an extra $3/meal (compared to the competition) is definitely worth it for those who need the guidance and support.


It isn’t often that you’ll find an entire family following the keto diet. For the household with varying diet preferences that need a ready-to-eat meal delivery service, LiveFit is a decent solution.

Besides keto meals, they offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. And although their breakfast, snacks and drinks are for those who aren’t following keto protocols, it helps to have one service that caters to a variety of diet preferences.

Additionally, LiveFit has a small selection of grocery items, from vegetables to garbage bags, which might save you from a trip to the store.

Other notable features include:

  • 5% off with a weekly subscription
  • A relatively low delivery fee ($7.95) or free delivery for orders over $200
  • Your delivery package can be left inside your home (although they don’t encourage it)

The Tradeoff: The Keto Package is relatively expensive, starting at $159 (currently discounted from the original $204).

livefit keto meal
LiveFit’s Teriyaki Chicken

Fresh Foodie

Fresh Foodie delivers much more than just keto lunches and dinners. Their delivery service offers keto breakfast foods, snacks and even groceries like keto breads, keto pastas and keto condiments. Fresh Foodie has a wider selection of keto offerings than any other company. They’re a dream come true for the keto foodie.

Other notable features:

  • No minimum order
  • Nutrition counselling
  • New recipes every week
  • 100% gluten free
  • Customizable meals
  • Wide variety (10 breakfast recipes, 15 meals, 5 snack options)

Fresh Foodie does mention that they support customers who are starting out on their keto journey although it isn’t clear how that support is provided.

The Tradeoff: While the cost per meal is on the lower end, the $16 delivery fee is almost cringeworthy. So if you’re going to go with Fresh Foodie, you’ll want to order as much as you can to make that delivery fee worth it.


Some weeks, when you manage to stay on top of grocery shopping and cooking, you need just a few meals delivered. Other weeks, when you barely have time to eat, you really need your meals delivered every night.

With MealFix, there is no minimum order. You can order one meal or 20+ meals. This à la carte flexibility is perfect for you if you’d rather not commit to a set number of meals every week.

MealFix is also flexible when it comes to customizing meals according to your food allergies, diet preferences and desired protein amounts.

Additionally, they can deliver your meals straight to your workplace.

Other notable features include:

  • Meats sourced from local butcher shops
  • 5% off with a weekly subscription
  • An eco-friendly Return & Reuse program for MealFix cooler bags and containers
  • Care packages that include 10 or 14 meals, a hand-written note plus a sweet treat to send to a loved one.

The Tradeoff: They encourage you to be home during the time of delivery which can be quite inconvenient. The food does come in a cooler bag but they advise against leaving the food in the cooler for more than 2-3 hours in the summertime.

Power Kitchen

Depending on the meals you select, Power Kitchen presents the most affordable ready-to-eat keto meal delivery service on this list. Choose from the Keto Meal Box or build your own meals using the Custom Meals feature.

The Custom Meals feature allows you to build your own meal plan according to your desired macronutrient and calorie count by choosing your proteins and veggies. You also have the option of doubling the protein and veggie amounts for an added fee.

Alternatively, the Keto Meal Box allows you to choose meals while keeping track of the macronutrients and calories, thanks to the nutrient information that is clearly displayed on each recipe.

You can even control your portions when you place large orders of your favourite ready-to-eat proteins and veggies from their Bulk Menu.

Power Kitchen allows you to choose between 1-16 meals in the Custom Meals option. Whereas the Keto Meal Box comes with a set number of 10 meals per order.

The Tradeoff: If portion control is important to you, it would help to have the ability to sort your menu options by calorie count. And perhaps a built-in calculator would be handy. Until then, you’ll need to do the math for every meal.

toronto powerkitchen keto meal
PowerKitchen’s Vegan Burrito


If you’re considering a gradual introduction to the keto lifestyle, Goodfood offers a ready-to-cook meal kit delivery service for the next best thing: low-carb recipes, or what they call the Clean15.

On the Clean15 plan you receive low-carb ingredients in the exact portions you need to cook your meals. Deliveries come with printed recipe cards and easy-to-follow instructions.

Since you’re doing the cooking, this service is significantly cheaper. Goodfood is almost $70 cheaper per week compared to the priciest ready-to-eat keto meal kit company, Droppit.

The Tradeoff: If you’re short on time, you don’t enjoy cooking and you’re targeting ketosis, Goodfood isn’t the best choice for you.

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Which Keto Meal Kit Service Is Best For You?

As the keto lifestyle becomes increasingly popular in Toronto, meal kit companies are either adding keto options to their services or they are dedicating their entire brand to keto devotees.
You’re sure to find a service that suits your needs.

If there’s room in your budget and you’re looking for hands-on guidance in your keto journey, Droppit is definitely the way to go. If you need a meal plan that caters to your family’s varying diet preferences, LiveFit has something for everyone. And if you’d rather go low-carb before no-carb, try Goodfood.

Which of Toronto’s keto meal kit services have you tried?

Weigh in with your own rating and check out the rest of our meal kit reviews here.

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