Top 7 Meal Kits for Weight Loss

When it comes to achieving weight loss goals, sustaining a balanced diet is critical. However, with demanding schedules and restricted time for meal planning, it can be tough to stick to a healthful eating plan. This is where meal kits come into play. Meal kits and meal delivery services offer planned portions, detailed nutritional information, and an array of health-conscious recipes to help you realize your weight loss goals successfully—and you can do it without just eating carrot sticks every day. 

Let’s explore the top seven meal kits for weight loss in Canada, along with their features, pros, and cons.

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Is Meal Prepping a Good Way to Lose Weight?

Meal prepping can be a tremendous approach for weight loss. By planning your meals ahead of time, you have influence over the ingredients and portion sizes, making it simpler to control your calorie intake. With meal prepping, you can match your meals to your exact dietary requirements, guaranteeing that you consume nutritionally balanced meals. It also conserves time and reduces the compulsion to choose unhealthy, “easy” foods when hunger strikes. Having said that, meal prepping can be time-consuming and take commitment and patience, which is why I prefer meal kits and meal delivery services. 

Do Weight Loss Meal Delivery Services Work?

Weight loss meal delivery services can be extremely helpful for anyone looking to lose weight. These services delivery pre-portioned meals with thorough nutrition information, making it simpler to trace your calorie intake and uphold a calculated plan. They offer a wide collection of healthy meal options for various dietary preferences. Weight loss meal delivery services protect your time and energy by decreasing the need for meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking. But it’s important to pair these services with a dedicated fitness routine and a pledge to making long-term routine transformations for weight loss.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are my top picks of meal kits for weight loss in Canada.


HelloFresh offers a specialized meal plan called Calorie Smart, designed specifically for individuals looking to lose weight. This is perfect for portion control (each serving contains less than 650 kcal) and HelloFresh also provides detailed information on calories, carbs, proteins, and saturated fats for each meal. This plan also includes some recipes with customization options so you can tailor your recipes to taste by substituting specific ingredients to your liking.

The cost per plate starts at $9.25 and they offer serving sizes available for two or four people. You can choose between 3 to 5 meals per week from a variety of 40 recipes. HelloFresh also provides dietary accommodations in their individual recipes, including, calorie smart, protein smart, and carb smart recipes.

HelloFresh also strives to source sustainable ingredients and reduce food waste through precise portioning and recyclable boxes. In fact, they’ve reduced packaging by 45% since they started delivering!


  • Dietician-approved recipes
  • Detailed nutrition information for each meal
  • Pre-portioned ingredients
  • Uses “Clean 15” ingredients


  • Potential allergen cross-contamination.
  • $9.99 shipping
  • No specific boxes for dietary restrictions


Nutrimeals is a reliable weight loss meal delivery service that focuses on delivering nutritious meals for losing weight. They have an option to build your own custom meal, which allows you to choose your size of protein and sides. If you require weighted meals or follow specific macros, they provide an email address for contacting them about custom pricing in this case.

The cost per plate starts at $15.03, and they offer flexible plans with the choice of 10 or 14 individual prepared meals per week. Choose from 20 recipes per week for every meal of the day with the guarantee of portion control and nutritional recipes. Nutrimeals caters to various dietary needs, including gluten-free, kosher, egg-free, shellfish-free, vegetarian, and even peanut- and treenut-free options.

Nutrimeals are designed by nutrition experts to ensure balanced nutrition and portion control for those trying to lose weight. They also have a commitment to sustainable practices and food production, making sure to use recyclable materials in all of their packaging. As a Nutrimeals loyalist, you can also earn nutripoints to use toward future orders. 


  • Diverse menu
  • Clear calorie and macronutrient information
  • Convenience of selecting the number of meals per week  
  • Nutripoints loyalty program


  • Priced slightly higher compared to competitors
  • Shipping ranges from $15 to $30, but free for orders over $150


Goodfood’s Clean15 meal plan is a high-protein, low-carb option, with all meals under 600 calories per serving. Goodfood also delivers cook-at-home meal kits from their regular menu and grocery products (although you’ll need to watch the ingredients and nutrition information to make sure they line up with your weight loss goals). With up to 15% off supermarket prices, Goodfood guarantees fresh ingredients and a wide selection of choices.

The cost per plate starts at $10.74 and they offer options for 2 or 4 servings. You can choose between 2 and 4 meals per week for the meal kits with a variety of 20-25 recipe varieties per week. Goodfood offers dietary accommodations such as EasyPrep, low carb, vegetarian, keto, and paleo.

They emphasize sourcing high-quality, seasonal ingredients and reducing food waste through responsible portioning, including a Reusable Box Program and a Box Pick-up Program that allows you to be even more eco-friendly


  • Affordable shipping from $0 – $3.99
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Referral program gives you $25 for every new member that signs up and places an order
  • 85% of the ingredients are sourced from Canadian farms and local businesses


  • Serving sizes may be smaller than expected 
  • Flash frozen seafood and fish
  • Additional delivery fees for small orders, rural locations, and frozen boxes

Clean Plates

Clean Plates is a Toronto-based weight loss meal delivery service that focuses on nutritious and portion-controlled meals for those looking to lose weight. With options for one-time orders or subscription meal plans, you’ll get lots of flexibility with this service for low calorie meals.

The cost per plate starts at $9.99, and Clean Plates offers various plans with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Choose from meal packs of 6, 8, 10, and 12 meals, or meal plans that allow you to choose 5, 6, or 7-day plans with 1 – 4 entrees per day. Almost all of their meals are dairy-free and gluten-free and are transparent in meal ingredients. Clean Plates caters to dietary preferences such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options as well as allergen restrictions such as nuts, shellfish, and eggs.

They prioritize using organic and locally sourced ingredients and minimizing packaging waste. The containers and lids are made from harvested wheat, fully compostable, and are unbleached without plastic or wax linings.


  • Transparent ingredient sourcing
  • One-time orders, meal plans, and meal packs are all customizable
  • Generous but balanced portions


  • Service is limited to the Toronto area
  • Delivery is only on Wednesday and Sunday


LiveFitFood offers a selection of healthy and nutritious meals for individuals on a weight loss journey. With custom order sizes, this ready-made weight loss meal kit also offers a Subscribe’N Save option that discounts 10% of the order with free shipping.

The cost per plate starts at $9.99, and they offer meal plans with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. LiveFitFood offers keto, muscle gain, vegetarian, low calorie, and vegan meal options and also offers two different meal sizes. Large meals are 27% bigger than classic meals and contain 50% more protein. With 16-20 recipes to choose from per week, you can be assured of variety and quality while you lose weight.

LiveFitFood prioritizes using fresh and locally sourced ingredients and follows sustainable packaging practices. Their Zero Food-Waste Cycle means that the ingredients are harvested, prepped, and then returned as compost to their worm farm to break down leftover food scraps.


  • Well-balanced meals approved by dieticians
  • Clear nutrition information
  • Free shipping with subscription
  • Sustainable earth-worm compost farms


  • Shipping without a subscription is $15-20
  • Can’t accommodate any modifications on meals or packages


LoveGoodFats main focus is protein bars that are low in sugar and high in healthy fats. These bars can be a convenient snack option for individuals on a weight loss journey and are keto friendly. Perfect for snackers of all kinds, these healthy protein bars are perfect for curbing cravings.

The cost per bar starts at $2.08, and LoveGoodFats offers a variety of flavors to choose from. Their protein bars are gluten-free, soy-free, and keto-friendly, making them suitable for individuals following low-carb diets. LoveGoodFats protein bars are a blend of collagen hydrolysate, calcium caseinate, soy protein, and whey protein.

LoveGoodFats is also dedicated to sustainability, ensuring their palm oil and palm kernel are responsibly sourced. They are Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified and are carbon-neutral producers.


  • Affordable snack options
  • Keto-friendly and low sugar
  • Variety of healthy flavors
  • Free shipping on over $50


  • Ice packs in shipping containers during summer months make them less eco-friendly
  • Few nut-free bars


Fed is a Vancouver-based meal delivery service whose primary focus is healthy and nutritious meals for weight management. This ready-made meal service is highly customizable and caters to various diets.

The cost per plate starts at $11.60 with flexible plans and options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their regular meal servings are individually portioned, but they do offer individual and family-sized portions. Fed caters to dietary preferences including keto, full nutrition, low-carb, diabetic, and plant-based diets.

They prioritize using organic and locally sourced ingredients and promote sustainable packaging practices and meals arrive in biodegradable paper containers that are safe in both a microwave or oven.


  • Detailed ingredient and allergen information
  • The option to customize your meal plan
  • Affordable shipping starting at $2.99 and free for 10+ meals ordered


  • Service is limited to the Vancouver area
  • Can’t guarantee absence of allergens in their prep facilities

Begin Your Weight-Loss Journey With Meal Kits

These top seven meal kits for weight loss present a brilliant answer for anyone seeking to eat healthy and shed unwanted pounds, even if you don’t have the time or energy to cook at home. With their planned portions, dietary information, and accessibility, these meal kits offer a hassle-free way to reach your weight loss goals and meet your nutritional needs. From dietician-approved recipes you can cook at home to pre-cooked, ready-to-eat meals, taking the first step to a healthier you has never been easier.   

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