How Does Chefs Plate Work?

While you’re searching for the perfect meal kit delivery service, you’ve most likely come across Chefs Plate quite a few times, for good reason. Founded and based in Toronto since 2014, Chefs Plate delivers fresh ingredients to your door at an affordable price to help you make tasty meals without the added stress. 

Starting at $8.99 per serving, Chefs Plate offers dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian meals in their weekly rotation to satisfy all types of taste preferences. This gives you the power to customize your meals in a way that fits you and your family’s specific needs to give you the best meal kit experience possible. 

In this article, we will be showing you how to use Chefs Plate, including their plan options, price per serving, dietary accommodations, ordering instructions, delivery and packaging, and preparation. Keep reading to see how you can make the most of Chefs Plate. 

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Chefs Plate

Per Serving
Meal kit services aren’t the most budget-friendly meal-time solution for Canadians. But along the spectrum of cost, Chefs Plate sits on the most ...
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Two (Couple), Four (Family)

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$10 to $15, $5 to $10

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First 2 meals free


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Plan Options

If you’re looking for a meal kit service that values flexibility, you’re in luck. For ultimate customization, Chefs Plate offers 3 meal preferences: Meat & Vegetables, Vegetarian meals, and Family Friendly meals. 

For all of these meal choices, you get the option of choosing between meals for 2 and 4 people. If you choose the meal plan for 2 people, you can choose between 2, 3, 4 or 5 recipe cards and ingredients per week. If you choose the meal plan for 4 people, you can choose between 2, 3 and 4 recipe cards per week. 

Chefs Plate has many meal plan options, and luckily the price breakdown is the same per week no matter what meal preference you choose. With 29 recipe options on their weekly rotation, Chefs Plate has plenty of variety for those who like to mix things up in the kitchen or test their cooking skills. 

Price breakdown for 2 people: 

  • 2 people at 2 meals per week: $45.96 per week
  • 2 people at 3 meals per week: $59.94 per week
  • 2 people at 4 meals per week: $79.92 per week
  • 2 people at 5 meals per week: $99.90 per week 

Price breakdown for 4 people: 

  • 4 people at 2 meals per week: $71.92
  • 4 people at 3 meals per week: $107.88
  • 4 people at 4 meals per week: $143.84

Meat & Vegetables Plan 

If you want balanced meals for yourself or your family, this plan offers meals made with meat and vegetables and has the largest variety of recipes available to choose from. Some sample meals from this plan include Middle Eastern Inspired Beef Kebabs, Summer Harvest Steak Salad, Cornmeal Crusted Fish and Banh Mi Inspired Pork Burgers. 

Vegetarian Plan 

If you follow a vegetarian lifestyle or you just want to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet, these vegetarian recipes are packed with fresh produce, whole grains, and plant-based proteins for those who prefer healthy meals for themselves or the whole family. Some sample meals for this plan include Chimichurri Nourish Bowls, Mumbai-style Potatoes, Street Corn Style Linguine and Mushroom Ricotta Flatbreads. 

Family Friendly

If you find it difficult to cook meals for everyone in your family, no need to look any further. Chefs Plate has recipes that your whole family will love, with larger serving sizes and fast cook times. Recipes are typically ready within 30 minutes or less and are frequently made in batches, like slow cooker meals. A family-friendly favourite is the Kung Pao Style Beef Bowl. 

Meal Kits for One

Not included in Chefs Plate’s meal plan list is their meal kit for one, also known as their food box for one. While this isn’t a formal plan, this plan is for 2 people at two meals per week and is sufficient to feed a single person lunch and dinner for the entire week. You have access to the same ingredients and recipes as other meal plans, so the options are endless here. 

Recipe Options

Chefs Plate offers dairy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian options for those with dietary accommodations, You can also exclude any recipes or ingredients at any time in your account settings. 

You can expect a good handful of veggie recipes in the weekly rotation, most of which take around 30 minutes to make. Whether you’re watching your waistline or your wallet, Chefs Plate offers healthy meals that are ready in a snap. 

Some menu options are labeled with informational stickers. You’ll see this when meals are designated as 15-minute meals, BBQ meals, and premium meals. 15-minute recipes come pre-prepped — no chopping of veggies or measuring sauce required to enjoy your meals.

This is especially handy for a busy professional or an always on the go family who finds that quick and easy meals like this are a saving grace, ready before you know it and perfect for someone who’s always on the go and finds themselves buying unhealthy meals.

BBQ meals are perfect for cooking on the grill during a summer outing, and premium meals are crafted with premium ingredients such as steak. 

Chefs Plate offers a wide variety of ingredient options in all of their meals. As of this week, their protein options are:

  • Ground beef
  • Chicken
  • Chorizo
  • Salmon
  • Turkey
  • Pork
  • Steak
  • Basa
Teriyaki Beef Donburi
Beef Teriyaki Donburi from Chef’s Plate

If you enjoy different types of ethnic food, you’ll love what Chefs Plate has to offer. You can expect a good mix of cuisine options from Chefs Plate’s menu, for example this week they have:

  • Caribbean
  • Italian
  • Asian
  • Fusion 

Price Per Serving

With Chefs Plate, price per serving is standard within the plan category of your choice, meaning that you don’t have to worry about this amount changing if you select more recipes. 

For example, if you select a plan for 2 people but you choose 2 recipes per week at first and switch to 4 recipes per week, the price per serving will remain consistent at $9.99 per serving. 

For 4 people, the price per serving is $8.99. This price will stay the same no matter which meal plan you choose, making it extremely easy to switch between plans as you see fit. 

How to Order Chefs Plate

Ordering your meal kits from Chefs Plate is extremely easy. First, choose your desired meal kit from the meal preferences list. Next, register with Chefs Plate to create your account to further customize your experience and meal preferences. 

Once you’ve completed this step, you now input your personal details such as your contact information, address, and other delivery details. Finally, you can choose your meals from Chefs Plate’s weekly rotation of 29 recipes. Once complete, your order will be scheduled to be delivered. 

If you need to make any changes to an upcoming order, you can do so by accessing your account to edit your meal preferences, meal plan, or to skip or pause your deliveries. 

Delivery and Packaging

Chefs Plate’s mission is to deliver fresh ingredients to your door. Delivery is free on all orders, unless you select the 2 meals for 2 person option. 

A shipment notification with tracking might be available to some customers depending on where they are, but if this isn’t available to you, you can expect your order by 8 P.M. on your scheduled delivery date. 

Place your order 4 days before your desired delivery date so you can receive your meals on time. 

Extremely busy and find yourself away from home often? Don’t sweat it. If you’re not home for your delivery, your delivery driver will leave your order at your door, which will stay fresh until the evening. 

Chefs Plate has a wide delivery area, and delivers to Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Manitoba.

For those of us who are passionate about sustainability efforts, Chefs Plate meal kits use earth-friendly materials in all of their packaging. 

The kit bags are fully compostable along with ice packs, and each meal is packaged in a paper bag with a plastic window. All packaging including the ice packs is 100% recyclable. Insulated bags that your meals are delivered in are collected upon your next delivery. 

Ingredients and Preparation

Meal planning has never been easier since introducing meal kits like Chefs Plate. Quick and stress-free, these meals are the ideal alternative to grocery shopping or too much takeout, saving you time and money in the long run. 

For your convenience, Chefs Plate offers many meals that are ready in 30 minutes or less, even offering 15-minute quick meals. These meals are prepared either on the stovetop in a pan or skillet or in an oven, though there is also a selection of slowcooker-friendly recipes as well. 

Chefs Plate uses fresh ingredients in all of its meal kits. Sourced from Canadian farmers and suppliers, each meal kit you order will undoubtedly have outstanding ingredient quality. To make sure your meal gets the freshest ingredients possible, everything is prepared on a per order basis. A bonus? This helps eliminate a lot of food waste! 


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How do you use Chefs Plate? 

Chefs Plate allows you to choose your recipes and meals on a weekly basis. Meals are available 3 weeks in advance so you can choose what suits you or your family’s needs. 

If there are any dietary restrictions or ingredients you prefer to be excluded from your recipes and ingredients, you can do so by editing these in your account settings. 

Is Chefs Plate a subscription? 

Yes! Like their parent company, Chefs Plate is a weekly recurring subscription service. This subscription plan is extremely flexible and allows you to switch between plans relatively easily. 

This subscription model is designed to suit your lifestyle, whether for an individual or an entire family. Delivering meals to your door is a convenient way to ensure that you’re eating healthy while saving time, money, and reducing food waste. 

Is Chefs Plate easy to cancel? 

Chefs Plate is an extremely flexible subscription service and you can cancel anytime you want, though you must notify Chefs Plate 4 days before your delivery date of any changes to your deliveries. If you don’t, you’ll still be billed for your upcoming delivery and your changes won’t come into effect until the next week. 

Food for Thought

Chefs Plate offers a wide variety of meal plan and recipe options at an affordable price, whether you’re just purchasing a meal kit for yourself or you’re buying food for the whole family. The flexible subscription options allow you to take control of your experience to cater to your needs. To learn more about Chefs Plate and if it’s the right fit for you, read our Chefs Plate review. Click here to compare Chefs Plate to GoodFood and see which of the two meal plans suits you best. If you’d like to see how Chefs Plate compares to their parent company HelloFresh, click here to read our detailed comparison between the two services.

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