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Nutrimeals is a Calgary-owned and operated meal prep delivery company offering individually portioned, pre-made meals to homes across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Simply heat up the meals in the microwave and enjoy!
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Written by: Natalia S
Natalia I’m a Vancouver-based mom and writer who loves to cook. Hope you enjoy!

Nutrimeals is a Calgary-owned and operated meal prep delivery company offering individually portioned, pre-made meals to homes across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Simply heat up the meals in the microwave and enjoy!

But how good can pre-made, microwave meals be? Let’s take a closer look.

What we’ll cover in this review:

  1. Meal Options & Variety
  2. Quality & Taste
  3. Delivery & Packaging
  4. Cost of Service

1. Meal Options & Variety

On top of their pre-made breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, Nutrimeals also offers individual beverages, snacks, custom meals, and bulk protein options.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

This monthly rotating menu offers 8 to 13 breakfast dishes and 16 to 28 lunch and dinner dishes. The nutritional facts are listed on each meal so you can see exactly what is in each dish.


Nutrimeals offers a wide variety of snacks to fill the void between meals. Some appear to be prepared fresh in their kitchen while others are pre-packaged brands you are likely to recognize. Shop their assortment of energy balls, popcorn, veggies and hummus, gummies, protein bars, cookies, and more. This is a neat feature as it further eliminates your need to stop at the grocery store.


Nutrimeals allows you to add various beverages to your order. You can order a single serving or in bulk. The single servings offer energy tea and kombucha but the bulk option only allows you to order the 4 different energy teas. (Not good news for the kombucha lovers out there…)

Build Your Own Meals

The ‘build your own’ option lets you custom build your meals by prompting you to select your protein and two sides for each dish.For protein, you choose 4 to 7 ounces of chicken, beef, turkey, or tofu. Nutrimeals’ protein is flavoured with sodium-conscious spices so you don’t have to worry about being too dehydrated after each meal.

For the build your own sides option, you can choose to have one side of vegetables and one side of starch, or you can mix it up and have two sides of vegetables or two sides of starch. The flexibility is really nice and customizing your own meal is really such a luxury! Each vegetable serving size is one cup and the starches range from ¼ cup to 1 cup of either brown, white rice, quinoa, sweet potato, or baby potatoes. The nutritional and caloric value is present on each ingredient as you build your meal in case you’re monitoring your energy intake closely.

Custom Meal Plans

Their custom meal plans are personalized plans designed by nutritionists to fit your specific needs. First, you start by taking a quiz that asks you about your nutrition goals, lifestyle, budget, and food and dietary preferences. You then book a 15-minute phone consultation to iron out the details of your meal plan. After that, a nutritionist finalizes your meal plan and custom-built meals are delivered to your door.

Bulk Protein

Their bulk menu allows you to purchase prepared protein that has been seasoned and pre-cooked. It is sold by the kilogram and offers 8 different types of meat to choose from including chicken breast or thighs, sirloin steak, turkey or lean beef meatballs, pork tenderloin, ground bison, and tilapia.

They offer an extensive variety of seasoning options including cajun, herb and garlic, Italian, Jamaican Jerk, over-baked BBQ, house blend, lemon pepper, roasted garlic and red paper, and salt and pepper. Seasoning options vary depending on the type of protein you select but this is an excellent option for people like me who hate preparing meat! All you need to do is heat it up and enjoy.


Nutrimeals caters to a wide variety of dietary restrictions including:

  • Low-carb
  • Low-fat
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy-free
  • Ketogenic

The downside is that their set menu is quite limited when it comes to dietary restrictions. For example, if you filter their meals down by dietary preference, you’ll notice there are only one or two results.

What they lack in set menu variety, however, they make up for with their Build Your Own and Custom Meal Plan options. These two options are a great solution for those with dietary restrictions or allergies and offer a ton of control and convenience without sacrificing service and variety.

2. Quality and Taste

The quality of the ingredients was better than you might expect with a meal prep delivery service. The chicken that came with my order was really juice and the portion sizes of the protein were quite generous!

I really liked that the sauces came on the side so you could decide how much or how little you wanted on your meal. Personally, I found some of the sauces rather sweet which threw off the flavour and taste for me a little. If I ordered from them again, I would taste the sauce first before pouring it onto the dish.

Their meals were decently well balanced when it comes to protein, starch, and vegetables, although I did find myself adding some extra veggies to some of the lunch and dinner dishes.

3. Delivery & Packaging

Nutrimeals delivers to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Check their website for full delivery location details to see if your area is on the list.

I received an email the morning of my delivery letting me know that my Nutrimeals box was in transit. It was scheduled to arrive at 8 PM but actually arrived at 2:30 PM. This was not ideal but the insulated box helped keep things somewhat cool and the delivery person left it in the shade.

Inside the box, there was plastic packaging, three ice packs, and of course, the meals in plastic and paper containers. There was quite a lot of plastic packaging separating the meal containers—even the ice packs were wrapped in plastic bubble wrap, which I found odd. The food containers came in both plastic and paper containers with plastic lids and plastic ramekins for the sauce. Most, if not all, of the packaging is recyclable but it’s best to confirm with your individual municipality before deciding how to sort them. At the very least, the plastic containers can easily be re-used to store other meals you prepare.

The ice packs can be reused but it was unclear how to dispose of them. For example, many meal delivery companies use non-toxic gel inside their ice packs and instruct you to pour the gel down the drain and recycle the rest. There were no such instructions on the Nutrimeals ice packs.

Each meal container was clearly labeled and had a clear plastic lid so I could see the contents of each container. The labels included the name of the dish, the ingredient list, caloric value, and reheating instructions.

4. Cost of Service

The cost to use Nutrimeals will vary depending on what you order. The cost breakdown per item is as follow:

  • Mains: $13.99 – $16.49 per meal
  • Breakfast: $8.99 – $15.99 per meal
  • Build your own: $13.25 per meal
  • Beverages: $4 – $5 each
  • Snacks: $4.99 – $7.99 each
  • Custom meals: Starting at $14 per meal
  • Bulk protein: $29.99-64.99 per protein
  • Bulk beverages: $41.99 per box


Nutrimeals’ shipping costs vary greatly depending on your location:

  • Calgary or Vancouver: Shipping is free when you order 7 or more meals.
  • Outside of Calgary or Vancouver: Shipping is free on orders over $135.
  • Orders under $135: Shipping will vary between $15 and $30 depending on the delivery location.

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Recap: Is Nutrimeals Worth Trying?

Nutrimeals exceeded my expectations when it came to quality, taste, variety, and cost. The online ordering process was very straightforward and the convenience of having fully prepared meals ready in my fridge makes life so much easier! Overall, Nutrimeals is absolutely worth a try if you are a single individual looking for a healthy and customizable experience with your meal prep.

Use the code MKC at checkout to get 10% off your order.

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Calgary, Canada

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Couples, Single

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Recyclable Packaging, Zero Food Waste

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Calgary, AB

Dietary Plans Available:

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Keto, Low-carb, Low-fat, Vegetarian

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